27 IN 2017

My 2017 can be summarized into one word – PROGRESS- all the situations that I have experienced which brought be joy or sadness have all stretched and grown me to becoming a better version of myself.

In the book by Oprah, What I Know for Sure (find my thoughts on it HERE) I picked up a habit that I intend to carry on forever. At the end of every day, I try and jot down at least 5 things that I am glad happened to me or to others.

This is the source of inspiration for my last blog in 2017.

27 things I am glad happened to me this year…please indulge me and share your moments for us to celebrate together.

Here goes:

  1. I am glad that I have medical insurance cover. I have been in and out of hospital for the past six months for both big and small reasons. This has made me remember to thank God every day for good health. There is someone somewhere having it worse.
  2. In spite of the challenge of walking around and not being able to do what I want. I am glad that my leg injury has made me appreciate the importance of small things we take for granted. Like being able to take a proper shower or wearing shoes on both feet.
  3. I am glad that I have a place that I can call my home. My royal home. Every day I smile and thank God for being my provider. I thank Him for turning my prayer requests into realities. #ForeverGrateful
  4. I am glad that I opened my heart to love. I brought down my walls and opened my arms and heart to experience all the emotions that love has to offer. I have experienced, true happiness, joy, sadness and hurt. For these, I am glad that I am capable of love and to be loved.
  5. I am glad that experience has taught me the difference between seasonal friends and permanent friends. I appreciate the fact that this is a natural phenomenon that I have no control over. I do not let go of friends in pain or bitterness, I let go with understanding and acceptance.
  6. I am glad that my cousin came to Kenya for a month and stayed with me. It has been a remarkable time that crowned my 2017. She is a loving and giving human being. God bless your 2018 Elayne. XOXO
  7. I am glad for my mother. Our relationship keeps improving over and over. I am glad that she always has my back and is very supportive of me. It is my life’s ambition to make her proud.
  8. I am glad that I have a family that is well united. In spite of our busy schedules and distance, we have technology to unite us. We have our ways of showing love which is a blessing. #WangalwasRock
  9. I am glad that I understand myself a little bit better than I did in 2016. I know what I stand for. What I love. What makes me tick. What gives me joy. In 2018, I intend to be more assertive and sure of my beliefs a little bit more – especially because I am the kind of person who condemns stealing but would probably steal to feed a starving kid (the end justifies the means).
  10. I am glad that my confidence level has grown. I am more comfortable in my own skin. I keep appreciating me more and more in spite of what society or the noises in my head say. #PerferctImperfections
  11. I am glad that through other people’s eyes, I get to understand my character more. I love what I hear and I do not intend to change to conform to society’s standards.
  12. I am glad that my blog is still active. I have managed to write and share my thoughts which most times get positive feedback. I intend to keep growing. To keep writing. To keep having an outlet to express myself and hopefully inspire at least one person. Please show a girl some love come 2018. Okay?
  13. I am glad that I have stuck to my target of reading at least one book per month. I even opened up my mind to e-books! Next year, the target is two books a month. One e-book and one hard book. Better keep the bookshelf growing.
  14. On the subject of books, I am currently reading Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady by Steve Harvey. I am glad that I left all my prejudices aside and decided to read it. This book is making me understand the man’s mind and will hopefully help me in my love life. I HIGHLY recommend it to all ladies. (DM if you need an e-version)
  15. I am also glad that I read Rupi Kaur’s book Milk and Honey which helped me overcome some tough situations I was experiencing. Again, I highly recommend it to ladies out there. (a link to my thoughts on this book HERE )
  16. I am glad that I have gone to the gym for two months. My weight hasn’t changed but other crucial elements like muscle, fat, strength and stamina have improved. This is progress.
  17. I am glad that I have been deliberate in creating bonds with people who I believe add value to my life. It is my hope that as I gain from them, they gain from me.
  18. I am glad that I got the pleasure to celebrate people’s great moments and achievements – engagements, weddings, baby births, promotions, resignations, break ups. It is a joy to give and to be present for others.
  19. I am glad that my personality gives me the ability to socialize with others when need be. No man is an island.
  20. I am glad that I know how to be alone and not be lonely. I am good company.
  21. I am glad that my optimistic nature has enabled me overcome downfalls and move on with life. I see the good side of things leaving my heart at peace. #OptimistOfLife
  22. I am glad that as 2017 ends and 2018 begins I still have a job that I love doing. I have achieved things I never imagined. I have grown and become a better working lady. I pray that 2018 will see me sore greater heights in my career.
  23. I am glad for 4 people who I know left their work place to follow their dreams this year. This is a reminder that there is a whole wide world outside my comfort zone. There is more to life than living to earn a dollar(s) at the end of the day.
  24. I am glad that I have been able to do some side jobs that have added to my income. I believe that all my writing and more is not in vain. There is something out there that I can do to earn a living. 2018 I shall explore and achieve (ps. slide into my DM if you have a proposal for me)
  25. I am glad that 2017 has ended peacefully. That the elections did not cause extreme chaos. That our economy is still intact. That my home Kenya is at peace.
  26. I am glad that God gave me a year to experience His wonders and goodness. He has graced me with yet another year to live life and slay while at it. Imela papa. I am forever grateful. 2018 will see me seize every moment without wasting a single second.
  27. I am glad that you dear reader has read this blog post and others. Thank you for your support throughout the year.

May 2018 bring you blessings and love.

It’s that Simple.

True-Me 🙂





It is amazing how words have the power to transform us.

How we can relate to someone through their words no matter their background drawing inspiration from their life experiences.

Rupi Kaur, a 25 year old Canadian poet, has the ability to move you in a manner no other poet I have come across can. Rupi Kaur moved me! She touched my heart and my soul!

In her book, Milk and Honey, she narrates her life story using short simple poetic words accompanied with simple illustrations to drive her message home.


The book is divided in four chapters that communicate her life journey so far. Snippet?


Chapter one ‘the hurting’ – she was a rose in the hands of those who had no intention of keeping her

Chapter two ‘the loving’ – you might not have been my first love but you were the love that made all the other loves irrelevant

Chapter three ‘the breaking’ – don’t mistake salt for sugar, if he wants to be with you, he will, it’s that simple

Chapter four ‘the healing’ – it is a part of the human experience to feel pain, do not be afraid, open yourself to it.


As women, we are not taught how to love neither are we given proper education on sex. We just stumble upon it in the course of our lives and deal with it according to what we have seen happening around us.

Times have changed. Matters to do with love and sex should be openly communicated to save souls. Save souls of women. Save souls of our children.

Through Rupi, I have realised that as women we need to talk to each other and be open about such issues. We all go through the same situations in life just at different levels.

Let our words saves souls!

It’s that Simple

True- Me 🙂



When one of my well appreciated friends recommended the book ‘We Are Going to Need  More Wine’ by the forever drop dead gorgeous Gabrielle Union, I was thrilled. Then the next day, I saw someone’s insta-story saying she is currently enjoying the read…I got the book from her, and this, ladies and gentlemen, was the beginning of my journey with this amazing lady.

Book Cover

In case you aren’t aware, Gabrielle Union is the main act in the BET TV drama Being Mary Jane.  She is portrayed as this successful lady with a body to die for. In spite of all her achievements, the fact that she is a 40 year old lady, who is not married and has no kids as expected by society, her achievements are made to appear meaningless. A reality that most career driven and independent women face in today’s world. In a some extent, I relate to  her struggle making me look forward to being engrossed in her memoir.

Before indulging in this read, I had to share this amazing experience with some of my friends. I shared it with close to ten ladies who I honestly thought would appreciate the real Mary Jane.   It was the right thing to do. 🌸

With so much excitement and eagerness to read what Union had to say; looking forward to draw inspiration just as I did with Oprah’s What I know For Sure , you can imagine my disappointment when I realised – two chapters into the book – that the book is quite overrated. *insert deep sigh*

The book is well written with interesting stories but it lacks that element that makes you glued to it. The thing that makes you want to complete it in one read over night.

The sole reason I managed to complete this read was because of my curiosity to know what her life is all about (haters will say this is udaku) and in my opinion,  I think this is the main purpose of this book. Read to know the real Gabrielle Union.

In her life journey, I was reminded that we all have our unique life stories to write. Stories that are definetly different from other people’s even if we came from the same womb and live in the same house.

In Gabrielle Union’s journey, she has gone through a lot that has made her the girl we love and aspire to be.

She has been raped (it is honestly sad that this is a common phenomenon in our lives today), she has experienced and still experiences racism, she has gone through a bad marriage and to top it all, she has had eight miscarriages.

On the other hand, she has misjudged others over and over again, she has limited herself stressing over what people will think about her, she has made choices chasing paper instead of chasing humanity.

The lesson I choose to draw from her book is that we all have our life stories. None of the situations we go through are bad, they are just situations that we need to learn from and then move on. When one chapter ends, we put a full stop then start a new chapter with more ambition,  more experience and more knowledge to enable us live life to the fullest.

My favorite quote in the book says, “STAY AFRAID BUT DO IT ANYWAY.”

If there is anything you should take from this post, is that. STAY AFRAID BUT DO IT ANYWAY.”


It’s that simple.

True – Me 🙂



We all have our moments of either being or feeling vulnerable. Be it because of love, being misjudged, immaturity, paranoia, being afraid…you name it. Without a doubt, we get to this state at some point in our lives.

We try our best to run from it, to solve it, to make the feeling of hopelessness leave us but no matter how head strong we are, our hearts remain heavy and our eyes watery.

Maybe this is the beauty of life. Instances in our lives that make us remember that we are not in control of everything. It might be a reminder that God’s will will always prevail no matter how much we wish that A would follow B then C is followed by D in our life’s plan.

Moments such as these make me wish that life was simpler.

Can it really get simpler?

True-Me 😕


Hands down, the book “What I know for sure” by Oprah Winfrey has been one of the best book I’ve read in quite a while.

The day I spotted a colleague reading it, I immediately knew I would love it. You know how first impressions matter? The simplicity of the cover gives you an authentic vibe, the words engraved in gold and the page edges coated in gold tells you that the book is full of wealth, the text format and font size are inviting . . . the book is just the right size to give you motivation to read it no matter how busy you are.

The first impression that I got from the book did not lie.


The book and other fun stuff!
The book and other fun stuff!

The title, ‘what I know for sure‘  is generated from Oprah’s experience where after conducting an interview,  she was asked ‘what does she know about life for sure‘ a question that left her dumbfounded.

This is the question she addresses in the entire book. Giving snippets of her life – big and small – where she has drawn lessons from her life giving her a clear stand of what she knows for sure.

I wish I could share all she wrote as the woman’s life story is remarkable. However, let me give you two things of what she knows for sure:

1. Every chapter in life is an opportunity to explore and grow.
Whether having a ten minute break from work or relocating to another city, there is always an opportunity to learn something and be a better version of yourself.

2. You need to be thankful and grateful for everything.
Again, nothing should be taken for granted. When you turn a year older, thank your creator for giving you the opportunity to live long, when you manage to finish an assignment, be grateful for the resources presented to you and the ability to start and complete it.

Very simple things with great impact if put into practise.

On my end, I know these three things for sure..

1. Get organized
I believe that one of the best things I did for myself this year was going on a two week leave. Before this, I was working as a robot. My body, mind and soul grew tired but ever since I returned from vacay,  I’ve managed to plan myself better and be more productive. My heart is in my work making everything run smoothly and naturally. Organization and planning is working for me perfectly allowing me to be more productively in all aspects of my life.

2. Power of the mind
I have said this time and time again. ‘it’s all in your mind’
The negative voices , the monsters under your bed are simply voices from within you. Think of how much you think about yourself in a day . . . now imagine 44 million other people who equally think about themselves in a day. Humans are naturally self centered. You are the only person who cares and thinks about yourself as much as you do. No one else.  Not your spouse nor your best friend. Please do yourself a favour and block the hate voices from within you.

3. No mistakes
I believe that my existence is not a coincidence. There is a reason God formed me the way he did. There is a reason I’m writing this blog post today. There is a reason I get along with some people and not with others.
I strongly believe that every life interaction has a purpose. And for this, I always try to remember to be deliberate in all I do while putting in the extra effort.

My yoga instructor always reminds us to breath and thank our bodies for cooperating with us on a daily basis. For sure, he knows the importance of what loving ourselves a little bit more mean . . . which is what both Oprah and I ( love the sound of this ) are saying in our own words.

Get on board and borrow a thing or two about this.

What is it that you know for sure? Sharing is caring.

It’s that simple.
True-Me 🙂


Hello there. I knew my headline would capture your attention 😂 (thank you elections). Please indulge me for 5mins…thank you.

I have been thinking of joining Kenyan politics! Yes, the dirty politics, the dangerous game only played by the who-is-who.  Crazy!! I know. Daring!! I know. I recently mentioned it to my mum and my boyfriend and I bet they thought I was just making conversation!! Surprise people 🙈

I’ve thought about it for a while – feel free to blame it on this election period – and I’m seriously asking, why not? Why can’t Natabona be a Women Representative? My thoughts are now a step closer to being serious considerations.

If you ask me, I think I’d make a great Women’s rep for Nairobi county, sometime in the future. 😍

Why you ask? My heart is in the right place. I have always believed in contributing towards providing growth opportunities for the female species (does this sound like a robot?). My character would drive this agenda. (Maya Angelou and Chimamanda Ngozi would be proud)

This is already happening and the boy child is being neglected you assume. Actions are being taken but  there is still much more to be done. Many grey areas exists that need to be worked on. Feminism is all about equality for BOTH sexes across all aspects of life (please note I used the term EQUALITY on purpose as opposed to using equal which means 50/50)

While I might not be the radical Nairobi woman nor the strongest fighter, I believe in equality for both sexes and this is reason enough to make me pursue such a bold ambition.

As a young lady, born and raised in the streets of Nairobi, I am constantly objectified for being beautiful, I am judged for being bold and I see women being discriminated for being independent – by both sexes. Our minds need transformation. We need transformative leaders.

We are living at a time where getting solutions to life is instant. We want fast wealth, we want fast success, we want fast degrees and promotions.  We want everything faster with shorter processes having put in bare minimal effort. A generation of people taking the easy way out is being brewed. The short cut generation.  Dangerous for growth.

If at all I pursue this ambition, the opportunity to impact young ladies of Nairobi would be a great honor. I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m saying that mama raised me right. Basic qualities like hard work, confidence, kindness are traits I’d bring to the table. Having the opportunity to represent other women; a voice that would help bring opportunities to *peleka Kenya mbele* would be a huge burden but a greater opportunity.

I won’t lie. The idea of being in the limelight, facing scrutiny everyday,exposing my family & friends to all manner of risks makes my cringe. But at this point, the 10th of August 2017, my ambition to help elevate women is proving to be more important than the downside that comes with it.

I do not deny it. This vision needs time to be worked on. I still have ‘smaller’ dreams to accomplish as I work towards the Nairobi Women’s REP. I have a lot to do, learn and experience.

As I diligently toil for 12 hours a day and interact with  people, things and situations around me, I stay motivated, believing that my brand is being molded, shaping me into a stronger and wiser lady, day in day out.

Part of my journey is being part of the UN Women. Another valid dream I have had for years which I’m still pursuing.


So here’s to being woke!

Here’s to the future breed of leaders (well in Lengewa Silantoi)!

Here’s to daring to step out of comfort zones – no mediocre!

Here’s to action beyond words!


Ps. Please leave your opinion on the comment segment.

It’s that simple,

True-Me 😊


Dear Dreamer,

How are you doing today?

I’m doing well. I am having a slow day, which is a very rare occasion in my line of work. For this, I am delighted that I can write to you, share some learnings hoping that at least one person will be inspired through me and also, remove the dust gathering on my blog. LOL!

This is for the dreamer in their mid-20’s who is striving to accomplish their ambitions. The person, who sometimes wakes up motivated to do something then the next day wakes up wishing that they can snooze the alarm till the afternoon or the person who wishes they would be served life in a different platter.

I’ve been very deliberate in what I do and say over the past couple of months. Having a stand in my personal believes and one key thing that has constantly rang my mind is that it is okay to be different. I am unapologetic for being me.

It is okay to be the girl who still loves chemical hair in this craze of natural hair booming in Nairobi. It is okay to be the girl whose body type seems unpopular. It is okay to be the girl who achieves more through formal employment as opposed to entrepreneurship. It is okay to be the simple girl. It is okay to be you. Just as you are.

I have come to appreciate such small things about me as the days go by. It is true, with age comes wisdom.

What used to concern me does not bother me anymore. Likes on social media – truthfully, I’d rather the 200+ likes on an inspiring article as opposed to likes on an image on Instagram. I worried of not being the best, now my energy is channeled into steps of becoming a better version of the Natabona I was yesterday.

Life has much more meaningful stuff to offer us. Things that are not vain.

The health of our hearts and mind matter. Do we show love? Do we smile every day? Do we live?

We tend to gauge our happiness from society’s do’s and don’ts. Question to ask yourself is who is society to you?  And what value does the society’s opinion add to your life? Your source of joy should be your heart. You should be the one deciding on what makes you tick, what makes you cry and what gives you satisfaction. Not the society.

True, this might sound cliché. This is easier said than done.  I know. I am a culprit.

The bottom line still remains the same. We should all make our life story. (As I articulated in this blog PeopleAreFunny )

Remember that you are the author of your life book. If your demise came today and you’re given a chance to look at how you lived, would you be happy knowing that you were genuine to yourself or would you want a do-over?

Dear dreamer, do yourself a huge favor and do not frustrate yourself wishing for things to work out as they are for person A or B. Be focused on finding yourself and writing that bestseller! Write a story that time will never forget.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139:14


It’s that Simple

True-Me 🙂


First things first, you know those common phrases that apparently the whole wide world use but you don’t? The clichés like bread and butter? That’s it up there, my title of today. I learnt it from my best friend a while back…then all of a sudden I started hearing it being used a little bit too much! #HowOurMindsWork

Heeeeeellllllo my good people. It has been three months of no interaction.  If you are lucky, you have seen me and have had the pleasure of listening to my many jokes (apparently I am a funny person…lol…who would have guessed?) My dear 43 followers, I might be quiet but you know what, you play a special role in my life. Thank you for your support. 

The past three months of silence have flown so fast. What has been happening to make three months seem like two days? Life. Life has been happening.  

First, since the week before Easter, this is the one time I have had a free afternoon in the office! I’m not joking or making excuses by the way. Things have been crazy. Work seems to be never ending. You tick one thing from your to-do list you get three more added onto it. Crazy I tell you. Crazy. Thank goodness for cute stationary that makes the world go round. 

Pure Joy

From this, it is obvious I had a challenge to finish my novels within a month as I always intend. This season is over now (refer to Reader’s Block article) I finished the classic, “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and I’m now on “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain. This classic is hilarious! Tom is so mischievous.He does a lot of barter trade tricking other boys to give him better stuff but eventually ends up in embarrassing situations. I die laughing after each chapter! …I’ll share more about this once I’m done. Hang in there! 

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

My weekends? They have been spent ‘hiding’ in a cocoon filled with great company and great movies, enough to unwind from the crazy weeks of working from early morning to the wee hours of the night. 

Ps. let it be known that I love my job in spite of these rants. 

My weeks are getting better now. I have a feeling that this month will be good to me. Like the past two days, I left the office earlier than usual. This is a record. I was actually confused. I had to sit down and think about what to do once I got home so early! A challenge I don’t mind at all. Then today, look at me. I have a whole afternoon to myself. I’m doing things to build me beyond my career…on a weekday! I love it! I look forward to more days like these. Days that I can enjoy ticking things off my personal to-do list. *insert happy dance*

Now to the point of this blog.  Life is something we should live to the full. We talk of how we should have a balance (I’m a culprit), do everything according to the books, follow through the plan from A-Z but the reality is, things hardly go as planned or as we hope they should. What we all need to understand is that perfection is not defined. I know that. I know that various combinations will give you 100%. #PerfectImperfections

When we try to accomplish thing A, thing B might suffer. …this suffering is temporal and not always a bad thing. If you are working to build your career, your family, your personality. It requires effort. It requires sacrifice. No gain without pain. Right? 

My two sense? Do you honey. 

A verse that keeps me going “whatever you do, do it at your level best as if you are doing it for the Lord and not for man” 

Let’s live people! Let’s live life! 

It’s that simple. 

True-Me 🙂 


Fight that reader’s block!

One of the down moments a reader can ever experience is the ‘readers block.’ It is a feeling that leaves you so low it sucks!

My reader’s block experience is characterized by me having this moment when I pick up this supposed best seller which has been recommended by an editorial guru, read two pages then put it down. Two days later, I pick up the same book, read a page then put it down, again. For some reason, I don’t seem to understand what the book is about. The English seems like an excerpt from The King James Bible, and motivation, motivation is a term that does not exist in any molecule in my body.

My job already requires me to read, write a lot and still talk to all manner of clients so after work, the last thing in my mind is to read and blog some more. All I want to do is to head home in the evening (read 9:00pm), lay down in bed, wear my cozy bunny onesie and watch Younger (an awesome series by the way – it’s about a 40 year old woman who had to pretend to be 26 years old for her to be hired at this amazing publishing agency) enjoying that bowl of salad (again, read blackcurrant soda and 150g salt and vinegar krackles *yummy in my tummy*).

This has been my situation since October 2016! I bought four books; To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, Love in a time of Cholera by Garcia Marquez, Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain and David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, nice picks right? Books I had to complete by December 2016.

Pure Bliss!

How far I’ve gone is the big question here . . . I finished Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer, and then started on Garcia Marquez’s Love in a time of Cholera. I read two chapters, got bored then started on the third book, To Kill a Mocking Bird, this was back in November. For some reason, I choose to blame it on the holiday festivities. I couldn’t get past the first chapter. Weirdly, the English suddenly felt like ancient Greek, the fonts seemed like small calligraphy and the pages too many (rolls eyes)

Three months down the line, I think I’m making progress. I’m now on chapter 9 (for shame, I know :-p ) It is actually exciting. I recommend it to all fiction lovers.

It’s about these four mischievous boys who are always up to something. In their town, there exists a fellow who never leaves his house. Everybody believes he will cause evil upon the lives of the people who pass by his house or dare touch it. One of the four boys, the brave one you might be tempted to think, dares to go in his backyard and when he comes back, he experienced the unexpected. His encounter changed him in a manner his friends couldn’t explain. You’d think he was Moses at the top of Mt. Sinai who saw the face of God.

What happened at the deserted backyard and how the events in the book unfold is a sweet mystery I intend to read and find out.

I smell a good read ahead. Happy reading to me and to you my dear bookworms!!

Fight that reader’s block!

It’s that simple

True – Me 🙂


If you are a keen follower of my write-ups, you will notice that October, November and December have been really quiet months for me.  I have been focusing all my energies on other personal matters that have hindered both my reading and writing here.

If you love something, or someone, you will always make time for them. The worst excuse we can ever make is ‘I have no time.’

Typically, your 24hour day should be broken into 8:8:8 – eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work and eight hours of your personal time.

This 8:8:8 policy is easy on paper but when it comes to putting it into action, it is a whole different story. Having the discipline to know what you want to do and what you should do and actually going ahead is important. We find ourselves destructed with friends, work …you name it and I could frame it. We tend to forget about the balance of life, an ideal that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

So, here I am again, at the end of the year *rolls eyes* realizing that I suck at having a healthy lifestyle. What takes most of my time is work and everything else is either neglected or attended to at a bare minimal.

On a brighter note, I am kinda okay with my ‘wrong choices‘ because what I have been doing has paid off and it still is but the balance is equally important.

As I enter my new year, (started on 18th December, my birthday) the 8:8:8 rule will be of great importance.

What’s your plan for the next year?